Besides style, comfort and safety, the Mercedes E-Class Estate also has a lot of space in store. With a total volume of 1950 liters, it’s the most spacious car in its class. Mercedes asked BBDO to communicate this in a fun way via… bannering. A medium that – contrary to the E-Class – doesn’t have much space to offer.

To promote a very spacious car using a rather less spacious medium, BBDO came up with the ‘Transportable Banner’. This banner shows the E-Class Estate, before suddenly being ripped out of its framework by two guys and transported to the E-Class Estate parked right behind it. The guys then store the banner in the car with the greatest of ease – proving that the E-Class Estate doesn’t lack space at all.

Our comment: This is a brilliant example of a bannering campaign that shows how spacious the new E-Class Estate is. We are sure that everyone who saw the untraditional banner was impressed by the idea behind it! We are looking forward to seeing more creative campaigns like this one coming from BBDO Belgium.

Client: Mercedes-Benz Cars
Contact: Kris Coumans
Agency: BBDO Belgium
CD: Arnaud Pitz, Sebastien De Valck, Jan Dejonghe
Art Director: Jasper Verleije
Copywriter: Sarah Huysmans
Account Director: Valérie Bracke
Account Manager: Marleen Depreter
Account Executive: Bram Devidts
Agency Producer: Leen Van Den Brande
Online Production: AdSomeNoise
Production Company : Ristretto Films

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