Your website visitors have high expectations about how quickly your web site should load on their desktop and mobile devices.  According to Google research, 400 milliseconds – literally the blink of an eye – is too long for users to wait for a webpage to load.  That means even the most compelling marketing program could fail when slow web performance causes them to click away in frustration.

Many companies have taken steps to optimize their website and the delivery network to improve download performance. But in today’s hyper-connected world, with increasingly complex and dynamic web content, a fast network is not all that’s needed to ensure successful engagement with your customers.

This paper examines how website performance impacts your marketing efforts and provides advice for mitigating the bottlenecks that disrupt the user experience.

You’ll learn:

  • How site load speeds impact engagement, response, conversion and revenue
  • Why mobile site abandonment rates are so high
  • Four ways slow download speeds inhibit marketing success
  • Optimization strategies that dramatically accelerate content delivery and significantly improve user experience

This paper also explores the content delivery journey, explaining what happens as your content travels across the first, middle and last miles of a vast global network. It highlights the bottlenecks that occur in that journey, and pinpoints optimization strategies that can ensure your visitors get the content they want, in the right format, at the right speed, anywhere in the world.


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